Boosting up the performance on the Mini Cooper 1.6L supercharged engine is really easy with the VR Tuned ECU Flash.  Coming with 168 horsepower from the factory, the addition of the an ECU tune can help with improving the vehicles horsepower, torque, throttle response, and more.  Doing the tune is all done remotely with our iFlash system that uses a PC based laptop and your cars OBDII diagnostic port.  With our ability to tune vehicles world wide, this customer in Mexico flashed his Mini Cooper S with ease gaining him 40 horsepower in less than 30 minutes!  VR Tuned offers performance ECU tuning for all Mini Cooper vehicles including the new F56 2.0L turbocharged versions. Shop all VR Tuned Mini Cooper ECU Flashes Here. IMG_3857 20170808_204505 20170804_132717(0)

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