Vivid Racing has always been a huge proponent of VRTuned and their ECU tuning for Porsche vehicles.  Having assisted Vivid Racing in the success of our Porsche 996TT and Porsche 997TT, we have furthered our relationship with launching this new website at has a whole new approach to customer interaction and ECU tuning.  With the recent release of the ability to have clients flash their own Porsche 997 Turbo cars through the OBDII port, we have far exceeded the capabilities of GIAC, EVOMSIT, APR, and Upsolute.  Shortly, VRTuned will also be flashing all the new DFI cars including the new 997 Carrera and Cayenne.

When you visit, you will see some very detailed installation instructions to make sure the client process of flashing the ECU of their Porsche is simple.  We also have launched our own personal guarantee to insure all our VRTuned customers are 100% satisfied.  As you browse the new VRTuned ECU site, you will see customer feedback, custom tuning pages, and FAQ’s for all the newbies.  Check out all the new product information we have launched for Porsche 996, 997, Boxster/Cayman, and Cayenne ECU Tuning Here. Site PR

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